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That Good Night

In one of his final roles, the late Sir John Hurt plays a terminally ill writer struggling to come to terms with his own mortality, to rebuild the wreckage of his family and to die with some semblance of dignity.

Two-time Academy Award nominee Hurt (The Elephant Man, Midnight Express) plays Ralph Maitland, a once famous writer whose two final missions are to be reconciled with his long-abandoned son, Michael (Max Brown, The Tudors) and to secretly ensure that he won’t become a burden to his younger, devoted second wife Anna (Sofia Helin, The Bridge).

Bringing Michael to his beautiful Portuguese villa, Ralph manages to ruin things by immediately picking a fight with his son’s girlfriend, Cassie (Erin Richards, Gotham). Now the clock is ticking, as Ralph has invited a mysterious ‘visitor’ (Charles Dance, Game of Thrones) to provide him with a painless end to his life.

Adapted from N.J. Crisp’s acclaimed 1996 stage-play, this enthralling film shows a master storyteller at the pinnacle of his powers – and showcases the talents of Dance and Hurt as these seasoned thespians grapple eloquently with questions of mortality.

Eric Styles
John Hurt, Sofia Helin, Max Brown, Charles Dance, Erin Richards
2017 | 92 min | DRAMA
15+ (exemption)
Irresistibly moving.
Edinburgh International Film Festival 2017

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